When you choose Aura Labor, you choose a pathway to excellence in education, a global perspective, and a brighter future. We take pride in being the preferred choice for students seeking a superior educational experience. Our institution stands out with a combination of academic excellence, a global perspective, dedicated faculty, personalized learning, language proficiency, a proven track record of success, and a team of experienced experts. These factors come together to offer families a world-class education that shapes a brighter future for students from all around the world.

Official institution of the Valencian Community with census ID 4600002410

Official Institution

Aura Labor is an official private institution of the Valencian Community, bearing census identification number 4600002410. It is authorized to issue official certificates accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy of the Government of Spain.

University Collaboration

Our institution has a direct collaboration with the University of Valencia further enhancing the quality of education we offer. The University of Valencia, known in Spanish as Universidad de Valencia, is one of Spain's oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions, having been founded in 1499. It is located in Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, offering a vibrant cultural and academic atmosphere. The university is renowned for its broad range of academic disciplines, from the humanities and social sciences to health sciences and engineering

University collaboration
Prime location

Prime Location

Strategically situated within Spain and the European Union, Aura Labor benefits from its prime location for several compelling reasons. The region boasts a year-round mild climate, ensuring comfort and convenience, while its proximity to Spain's largest container port facilitates trade and connectivity. Additionally, the city provides a welcoming environment for students, fostering a conducive atmosphere for learning, and its international profile attracts diverse cultures and opportunities. Moreover, an extensive public transportation network ensures easy accessibility and mobility throughout the city, further enhancing its appeal..

30 Hours Per Week on a Student Visa

Experience flexibility with Aura Labor! Enjoy the advantage of working up to 30 hours per week while holding a Student Visa. Discover more about this benefit and its eligibility requirements by clicking on the following link:

Authorization for Study Stay. Includes annexes for Family and Employment in both dependent and independent work. (HI 3)

30 Hours Per Week on a Student Visa